April Featured MCA Member: Jack Stepp

For thirty years, Jack Stepp has been capturing personal, unforgettable moments, special events, and one of a kind junctures in the wilds of nature. What began as a hospitality-job-fueled black and white film exploration of musicians, concerts, sporting events and festivals has become a widely various career digitally photographing weddings and events, portraits, products, artworks, homes and properties via drone; and in the rare moments when it’s visible, capturing even the core of our milky way galaxy in all its splendor.

Jack’s career has taken many turns, and along the way he has worn many hats in a variety of places. While serving as an event photographer for a northern Kennebec county newspaper he encapsulated photographic records of life in Central Maine. As a product photographer for a renowned Fairfield auction house, he used his finesse behind the lens to freeze in time relics from around the world, some typical heirlooms and others incredibly surprising– like the famous horse head from the set of The Godfather Trilogy, a twenty-foot tall stuffed giraffe, and a print from legendary photographer Ansel Adams.

These days, Jack can be found chasing the perfect light and scene you can only find in Maine, flying a drone, photographing the work of fellow Maine-based small business people, or calculating the precise date, time, and location to catch our beautiful galaxy in her rawest form from behind a wide angle lens.

Securing memories in time for others to enjoy for a lifetime is at the heart of Jack’s work, and he provides this service for himself as well, locking down special moments over the years with his son into photographs as they adventure their way around the state and beyond. Though he finds inspiration in the vast topography, flora and fauna Maine has to offer, the ocean has always been his meditative place to be.

Q & A with Jack Stepp

Q: How did you become involved with the MCA?
A: I drive Maine’s highways quite often, and I’ve stopped at the Shop Maine Craft gallery in Gardiner many times.

Q: When did you realize you could build a business from your artwork?
A: I have always dreamt of it and pursued it; but to make ends meet while pursuing, I’ve worked in the hospitality business.

Q: You are best known in the MCA community for your beautiful landscape/scenic photography. What else do you enjoy making?
A: Memories through portraiture. Whether it’s high school seniors in their element, young school children for their families, or at any memorable occasion.

Q: Where do you go to find inspiration for your designs?
A: Outdoors. Oceans, mountains, fivers, fields; and to the night skies.

Q: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received about your work?
A: How I’ve captured a moment in time for different people in different images that brings them back somewhere and creates very special memories and emotions.

Q: What do you do in your spare time? What brings you joy?
A: Exploring all the cool things that life has to offer with my son- of course with a camera because he is my greatest model!

Select styles of MCA Member Jack Stepp’s  photographic cards and matted  prints can be purchased  at the Shop Maine Craft gallery in West Gardiner, Maine. 

Find his catalog of images available for purchase or learn more about his product photography, event photography, portraiture and other professional photography services on his website: https://www.jackstepp.com

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