Joe and Mary Devenney in the Center Gallery

The Center for Maine Crafts presents an exhibition of new work by Joe and Mary Devenney of Jefferson, Maine.

Photographer Joe Devenney’s “simple compositions with bright colors” are inspired in part by his study of early 20th century painting. He is drawn to the coastal Maine landscape and looks for bold features of rock and water, though any interesting concept might grab his attention, including a motion or a shape in the sky. Any time of day, with any type of weather is appealing to the artist; form, color and drama of the location inspire his imagination.

Joe and Mary Devenney opened their pottery studio in 1976 and have worked both in stoneware and porcelain. Their work is wheel thrown and hand built, and sometimes a combination of both techniques. Some of the work is an individual effort, while other pieces are a collaboration. The Devenneys consult each other about all of their work for ideas, criticism and encouragement.


In 1976, Joe and Mary Devenney moved to Maine to establish a retail and wholesale pottery studio. Joe pursued photography alongside the pottery business, which eventually grew into full-time production. In 1979, Joe became a member of the New York agency The Image Bank, and began his free-lance photography career in 1983. He completed editorial, travel, destination and feature articles for numerous publications; assignments led him from Kittery to Bay St Lawrence, Nova Scotia, while personal travel and stock photography work covered North America from Alaska to Tortola. His photographs have been published throughout the US and around the world, and fine art prints have been shown extensively in galleries and exhibitions. Mary taught at Erskine Academy in South China, Maine for 19 years. She has recently retired to work exclusively on pottery and painting.