Thursday, February 8 at noon

One of seven courses available for the May 9 – 12, 2024
MCA Weekend Workshop @ Haystack

Forge Welding

Instructor: Jennifer Petrila
Haystack Studio: Hot Shop
Enrollment Limit: 10
Materials Fees: $55
Level: All Levels 

Class Description:

This welding course is a culmination of all the basic welding techniques lumped into one course. You will be forge welding the very first day of class. This course is  for the complete beginner with zero time at the forge and anvil, a beginner with some forging experience, and for intermediate or advanced students who are still struggling with forge welding or want to delve deeper into this basic aspect of for work. This class is very heavy on forge fire maintenance and will be a primary focus. This will help dramatically with all aspects of future forging activities and a great primer for further educational opportunities such as Axe making or steeled wrought iron hammer making.

In this course we will forge a length of chain, a flower with leaves and a Blacksmith Twist fireplace poker or steak turner students choice.

In class discussion we will talk about forge fire management, forge welding scarf design. The do’s and don’ts of forge welding as well as which scarf to use where. If time allows we will also test some of the forge welds. All PPE is required and an apron which is burn resistant is suggested.

Materials List + Fees:

A $55 studio fee will be added to your invoice.

Participants in this workshop will need to bring the following materials:

  • A sketchbook and drawing tools
  • Natural fiber clothing and closed-toe shoes
  • Ear plugs

About the Instructor-

Jennifer Petrila started blacksmithing/bladesmithing after attending a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village Feb of 1976. Self-taught utilizing the book “Practical Blacksmithing” by MT Richardson she forged her way through the book as she refined her forging skills and settled on Colonial period type tools, hardware, and lighting. She also was highly involved in forging blades and martial arts tools specifically around the marital art “Ninjutsu”. Establishing a full-time shop specializing in this time frame allowed for the ultimate understanding of what makes the metal move in a desired way and with this proficiency with hammer, anvil and forged came full circle. While some call Jennifer Petrila a Master Smith because of her extensive experience in all facets of metal forging, she, herself considers herself always learning, and no matter how much she understands there is still more to learn. Petrila is establishing her own “Metalworking” school with an emphasis on understanding why the metal moves the way it does and creating a very effective and efficient forging process with just hand tools. Currently involved with the NEB (New England Blacksmiths) and ABANA (Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America) and the EAIA (Early American Industrial Association) teaching, demonstrating and enjoying the company of other smiths. She has a Youtube channel “JLP Services Inc” showing traditional blacksmithing and is also active on Facebook and Instagram.