The energy and inspiration behind C&M is the combination of two dynamic makers, Christine Caswell and Meg K Walsh. After several years of sharing a ceramics studio, working late into the night, and swapping ideas and encouragement, Christine Caswell and Meg K Walsh decided to join creative forces. In early 2016 C&M Ceramics was born, with a commitment to making well designed, hand-crafted tableware for the home and business.

Every C&M product is handmade, being a small scale production company means being involved in every aspect of the making process. As Meg says “Whether we are slip casting, jiggering, slab building or throwing on the wheel, every bit of clay passes through our hands. This gives us the opportunity to fine tune each piece and create a well considered beautiful product.”

Together Meg and Christine have over 30 years experience working in clay, and they each bring a deep dedication to the continual discovery and innovation of ceramics processes. C&M is a design promise to create beautiful everyday objects that transcend our busy lifestyle and encourage play, reflection and conversation.

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