Kathleen Perelka is an oil pastel artist residing in Canaan, Maine. Her inspiration is drawn from the wild and uninhabited Maine landscape – marshes, blueberry barrens, large fields and open skies. Her work is impressionistic in style, but draws realism in the essence of the landscapes she captures. “I love pastels immediacy and vibrancy. I love the way the stick feels in my hand and that there is no brush or pencil or implement of any kind between my hands and the surface I’m working on.   Pastel has a sparkle that no other medium can compare to; each little particle reflects both color and light giving the painting a life force of its own… Because pastel is applied in layers, up to twenty in my paintings, you also get a different optical blending when viewed from different angles.” The living quality of her medium allows Kathleen to capture the essence of a place – a reflection of her spiritual connection to Maine’s beautiful and diverse terrain.

During Maine Craft Weekend, Kathleen will be exhibiting her work with other fine artists and craftsmen in the Canaan Farmer’s Hall, located on Main st. from Rt 2 in Canaan. The artists will be exhibiting in conjunction with Oak Pond Brewery; a Skowhegan-based family run factory, producing tasty Lagers and Ales since 2003.

Event address: 296 Main St, Canaan, ME 04924 | Hours: 9am-4pm | Contact: (207) 474-6168 or email kperelka@myfairpoint.net

Contact the artist directly to view available originals or for more information. Kathleen’s framed prints, calendars and cards can be found in the Center for Maine Craft, or ordered online: www.kathleenperelkaartist.com