February Featured MCA Member: Jim Crampton, JHC Wood & Glass

Winter in Maine tends to make us slow down, maybe hibernate; but even with crisp, heavy blankets of snow on the ground, production for a craftsperson must go on. These are the precious months where we can get a head start (or get caught up) on inventory and creating new designs. We use the winter to learn new skills and perfect the old. That is the winter plan for long time MCA member Jim Crampton of Searsmont’s JHC Wood & Glass.

Jim was interested in the arts early on in childhood. He studied in a fine art program, painting and drawing before picking up woodworking over 30 years ago. Jim combines the beauty of wood and stained glass well constructed, technical, and often functional pieces. His Arts and Crafts style work ranges from larger stained glass and wood assemblages to simple yet stunning turned burl and branch covered boxes.

After the Ice Storm of 1998, within a glassy landscape of thick ice and broken fallen trees, Jim found a plethora of beautiful, workable cherry burl. The finished product was the line of small boxes with magnetic, practically seamless covers that have become a favorite of customers visiting our Center for Maine Craft.

Jim is not “much of a salesperson”, but the affordability and the uniqueness of his products help them to sell themselves; and salesman or not, you can always count on him for some great conversation full of positivity and laughter.

View Jim’s boxes at The Center for Maine Craft or choose from a curated selection on the Center’s Etsy store.