#givingtuesday 2020: $2500 for Number 3

Thank YOU for helping us to meet our 2020 #GIVINGTUESDAY goal!

We are challenging our wonderful members, admirers, collectors and friends to help the MCA raise just $2500 to match $2500 we have in hand to fully fund a third 2021 Craft Apprenticeship. Are you in?

It’s this easy. Make an unrestricted gift in any amount to support the Maine Crafts Association’s 2020 #givingtuesday campaign in the next 24 hours.

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Why now? Why $2500?

MCA is grateful and honored to have received our first grant from the Sprague Family Foundation in support of the 2021 Craft Apprentice Program and needs to match it in order to fully fund a third apprenticeship, increasing the number of apprenticeships we can support from two to three in 2021! The deadline for CAP 2021 Applications is December 9th, so this is a perfect time to announce we have increased the number of artists we can support!