Apply by November 5, 2023 for a chance to recieve one of four $3,000 grants created to support New England craft artists in exploring new artistic avenues!

Applicants must reside in New England (defined as Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont).

The goal of the Society’s Craft Innovation Jumpstarter Program is to financially support craft artists who are pursuing ideas in their studio practice that represent something new for them. Examples of this are:

  • introducing a different craft medium;
  • incorporating a new tool into your craft practice or using an old tool in new ways;
  • taking a new approach to craft education;
  • an area not listed here (artist will be asked to specify).

Successful applicants will demonstrate achievement in and commitment to their craft or crafts.

The Society of Arts + Crafts believes that the pursuit of craft necessitates a problem-solving mindset: craft makers are explorers, researchers, material risk takers and small business owners. They pursue new ideas and solutions for their work with a deep understanding of their materials and processes. Their imagination and desire for lifelong learning offer craft artists exciting opportunities for discovery and interdisciplinary innovation. When craft artists are ready to bring their solutions and innovations to the next stage, however, they often lack the necessary funds to make investments toward their new direction. The goal of the Society of Arts + Crafts is to assist artists to bridge this gap.