New Virtual Workshop!

It’s no secret that the craft marketing and selling landscape is quickly evolving and for some, it’s completely moved online. How can we stay true to ourselves and present our work to new audiences, while also selling to make a living? Join us as we hear the perspective and discuss this topic with a fresh, Maine-based, multi-talented artist, entrepreneur, marketer and educator.

Workshop/Webinar Description:

Nate has teamed up with Maine Craft Association to discuss strategies for creatives to improve their social media engagement, the importance of fostering an online community, storytelling methods to humanize the artist and their creations, and much more. The primary goal of this gathering is to help creatives gain a deeper understanding of how to authentically connect with others through the online world, a modality which at times feels so distant. The webinar will contain a 30-minute presentation followed by an open-ended 30 minute Q&A discussion.

Speaker Bio:

Nate Winter is a professional mix-media artist who specializes in ceramics and adult education. His online shop has evolved into a thriving business with work shipped to more than 30 states in the past 2 years. Additionally, Nate owns and operates Maven Made Agency, a boutique branding & marketing company primarily focusing on social media management, content creation, and digital design. The coupling of fine craftsmanship and business acumen has provided Nate with a unique understanding of not only how to design and create a product, but how to market and sell that product as well. Nate’s core mission is to help dismantle the starving artist complex and ultimately make it a thing of the past.


May 18, 2021
3pm – 4pm
1-hour webinar
30-minute presentation
30-minute Q/A/Discussion


Zoom – A link will be emailed to you after registration and before the event.


We know it’s been an uncertain year financially for all creatives. We are pleased to be able to offer a ‘pay what you can’ option for this professional development workshop.