Based in Thomaston, Maine, Autumn Cipala is a ceramic artist who holds a BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and an MFA from University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She works with porcelain which has long been her favorite medium and material as she is drawn to its essential qualities of translucency, luminosity, and strength. A balance of clean lines, curves, and volume draw emphasis to the form of each piece. Autumn’s most recent body of work is largely influenced by the beauty of her surroundings in mid-coast Maine and her travels and experiences as an exchange artist in Morocco. Passionate about history, especially of ceramic objects, Autumn allows her studies to inform her body of work; She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. “I look to historical ceramics for ideas and inspiration, and integrate elements of these works into my own as a celebration of our rich ceramic lineage. I am inspired by the work from many cultures, from China to Western Asia, North Africa, Europe, and the Americas: by work that embodies harmony, purity, elegance, and a tranquil presence.”

Autumn aims to create forms that quietly engage the viewer, inspire curiosity, and invite a sense of discovery. These are objects that ask one to slow down and to notice the subtleties of form, surface, and function. Her  intention is for these vessels to be used mindfully. Curves, volume, and proportion are balanced with restraint; An assuredness of form is essential to this work.  “I prefer complex yet clean forms that are enhanced by soft translucent glazes. I am attracted to glazes that are most able to reveal the translucency of porcelain. These glazes are inviting to touch and soft in texture and color. The glaze surface varies among pieces, either possessing a watery shine, a silky skin-like quality”

Often harnessing the conceptual power of light, such as the fleeting sunlight on a tide-pool, or light beaming through a window to fill a porcelain bowl, creating an illusion of suspension. Inspired by nature, the luminosity of translucent porcelain, and openwork, Autumn considers light as an active element as she composes form and pattern.

Autumn’s body of work is available for view and purchase at Maine Craft Portland. 

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