A longtime lover of jewelry, Cathy Heinz is a thoughtful maker focused on clean, workable, elegant creations through timeless feminine forms. Based in her Maine studio, Cathy creates a series of production work that is loved around the state but her true passion may be in custom design. “I want my jewelry to be fresh, interesting, beautifully crafted, and unique: a reflection of my personal desire to continually learn and grow as an artist. I seek out new skills and techniques that will improve my pieces and lead to deeper creative insights. My body of work is constantly evolving with new designs and materials. An important part of my work is custom design – Many of my customers want to purchase original, creative, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. I love the challenge of working with them to bring their ideas to life in new and beautiful ways. I also specialize in vintage jewelry redesign, such as taking a gemstone from an unwanted or uninteresting piece and giving it an updated, contemporary look. It’s a fun and exciting process to watch the design unfold – my customers love it!  As I got older, I turned to making things for myself. I wanted something different; not just another piece like everyone else was wearing.  I think it’s fun to have something that is uniquely yours, something you won’t see on every woman you pass.”

Color and form are the inspiration for most of Heinz’s work. The color of a beautiful or interesting stone can determine the design of a piece; her practice often entails being inspired to buy the stone and then create the jewelry. Perpetually interested in form and movement, Heinz prides herself in creating art that is comfortable and able to be worn while still looking fabulous. 

An interesting aspect of Heinz’s personality is her origin story. For most of her adult life she worked in IT (Information Technology). Having owned a high-tech recruitment firm, working as a computer programmer and manager of teams, Heinz never forgotten the lure of jewelry-making. Inspired to dip her toe in she began attending classes at the Maine College of Art (Now, Maine College of Art & Design) and kept on diving. She fondly remembers and thanks the gifted artists she learned under that made this transition possible – Pauline Warg, Kate Wolf, Jayne Redman, and Blaine Lewis. And the rest they say – is history. 

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