Whether it’s a wardrobe, chair, or table lamp, Otis C. Baron approaches everything he creates as sculpture with a function. Otis graduated with distinction from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, where he studied metalworking, foundry, and mold making, as well as glass blowing, paper making, and many other facets of art – techniques that lend themselves remarkably well to his furniture design. A true interdisciplinary craftsman; He combines an artistic background with more than twenty years of woodworking experience, including custom cabinetry and high-end architectural millwork. Otis honed his woodworking skills at a top-tier firm in New York City specializing in fine Victorian-era restoration and remodeling.

“I believe it’s all sculpture.”

Otis begins every project by talking with clients to learn what they need and what they like. He encourages clients to send images of existing pieces, shapes, colors, or materials that they respond to as a starting point for conversation and collaboration. Depending on the piece and client’s preference, he may visit the space to take measurements and get a sense of the environment. Otis then creates the design using the clients’ input and applying his own personal aesthetics, always aiming for designs that are simple and clean. He aspires to make furniture and lighting that are both contemporary and timeless. With art &  design informing everything he does, Otis feels confident that he can build anything that a client can imagine.

 Currently expanding his repertoire of services and developing systems with his team to increase efficiency, Maine Craft Portland knows and loves Otis for his classics — the OCB line of pendant lights. Having served as a staple for the Portland windows since our opening, and one of our favorite conversation starters, Maine Craft Portland is excited to launch a refreshed window display with Otis’s full range of shapes, finishes, and even some new designs. To see the new OCB display you can visit the gallery at 521 Congress Street or walk by on Casco Street. 

Otis has been a member with Maine Craft Association since 2018  and will join us in celebrating our anniversary this fall with a special edition 40th anniversary themed pendant light available for purchase. 

To view the OCB full range of public work, please visit: 

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