Each year the MCA presents the Maine Craft Artist Awards. The award is intended to honor Maine craft artists for a career of excellence, craftsmanship and contribution to the field, as well as, to exceptional supporters of Maine craft.

Each year we invite an MCA Member to create a one of a kind award pin for the artist awardee(s). Below is a simple archive of the award pins.


2009 Pin by Fred Woell, reproducing an original design made in the 1980’s for the MCA

Awarded To:
Artists :Lissa Hunter, Fred Woell, Christian Becksvoort, Paul Heroux
Supporters: John Baldacci, John Rohman, Haystack Mt. School of Crafts, Supporter Award, Carl Little


2010 Pin by Chaya Caron

Awarded To:
Artist: Katharine Cobey
Supporters: Patricia Eltman, Robyn Holman


2011 Pin by John wise

Awarded To:
Artist: Jacques Vesery
Supporter: Michael Baran


2012 Pin by Christine Peters

Awarded To:
Artist Lynn Duryea
Supporter: Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts


2013 Pin by Christine Peters

Awarded To: Theresa Secord


2014 Pin by Maggie Moore

Awarded To: Sharon Townshend


2015 Pin by Nisa Smiley

Awarded To: Rebecca Goodale & Sam Shaw


2016 Pin by Jackie Haines

Awarded To:
Artist Elizabeth Busch
Supporter: Tammy Knight


2017 Pin by Donna DaAquino

Awarded To: Anna Hepler


2018 Pin by Michelle Henning

Awarded To:
Patricia Daunis-Dunning
David Wolfe
Steve Cayard


2019 Pin by Jim Macdonald

Awarded To: Tom Ferrero


2020 Pin by Ebenezer Akakpo

Awarded To: Douglas E. Wilson