Maine Crafts Association is participating in Cultural Heritage Week (March 15 – 22, 2023), hosted by the Cultural Alliance of Maine, and we hope you’ll consider joining, learning and following along, too! 

Find us at the Cultural Advocacy Day in the State House on March 22 from 1-4pm.

The Cultural Alliance of Maine (CAM) invites you to participate in Cultural Heritage Week 2023: their inaugural, annual week of visibility-raising, cultural community-building, and advocacy.

Help CAM create a Virtual Showcase celebrating the mosaic of culture-making in the land we call Maine.
In 2023, let’s learn more about the creativity and community-building playing out in every corner of our state. Let’s show up for each other’s programs and events. Let’s break down silos, collaborate more, and create more opportunities for culture-makers to connect and support one another.

By submitting to the virtual showcase, you’re helping the CAM present to lawmakers, leaders, and all residents the diversity of creativity and culture in the land we call Maine: the music being made, the library programs being hosted, the artwork being created, the histories being told, the exhibitions being curated, the artifacts being cared for, the films being recorded, and more.

To learn how to participate, please visit