Thursday, February 8 at noon

One of seven courses available for the May 9 – 12, 2024
MCA Weekend Workshop @ Haystack

Planar Constructions: Exploration in Surface and Volume

Instructor: Kyle Patnaude 
Haystack Studio: Metals
Enrollment Limit: 13
Materials Fees: $40 – $60 (please see materials list + fees below)
Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite skills: Sawing with jewelers saw frame and annealing metal with the torch.

Class Description:

This workshop will prompt students to source their surroundings for natural materials to serve as a reference in translation into experimental constructions from thin sheet metal. Students will investigate strategies into ways of looking and designing through contemporary abstraction and replication techniques, while deepening an understanding of the properties of metal manipulation.

Demonstrations will guide students through methods in pattern and model making, metal surfacing, forming and small-scale forging. Additional demonstrations will cover patination, keum-boo gold application, pin mechanisms, tips and tricks in scoring, bending, fabrication and hydraulic press techniques with conforming dies. Students are encouraged to take risks and think through making while amassing a collection of work through a range of outcomes.

Participating students should have basic sawing and soldering skills. Please contact if you have questions about your experience level and workshop participation.

Materials List + Fees:

The instructor will provide and sell materials to students during the workshop. Participants will need to pay the instructor for materials used and should estimate a cost of $40 – $60.

Students should bring a sketchbook and drawing tools, and your favorite metalsmithing tools (if you have them!). Remember to label your tools before you arrive on campus.

About the Instructor-

Kyle Patnaude is based in Portland, Maine as an Assistant Professor at Maine College of Art & Design. They completed their BFA in Sculpture from Pratt in 2006 and earned an MFA in Metal Arts from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2012.

Trained as a metalsmith and sculptor, Patnaude’s practice explore object making through ways of seeing in the world and the translation of recognizable forms through crafted metal objects. They have been teaching metalsmithing at Maine College of Art & Design for over ten years, spanning studio skills and techniques alongside craft philosophies and practices in studio methodology.