We are practicing what we preach here at the Maine Crafts Association: Professional Photos!

We always advise our members to have professional photographs of a selection of their work and we offer the Artists in Their Studios Photography Project to provide artists with professional portraits, studio shots, and other documentary style images of themselves and their practice.  This summer we decided to turn the camera onto ourselves and have portraits taken of our staff to improve our staff profile pages and provide staff with with professional headshots and capture a group shot (above) of our full management team.

We are happy to have made this investment in our staff, website site and personal and organizational visual identities; photo credit and gratitude to Maine photographer Michael D. Wilson!

Sadie Bliss, Executive Director
Suzzanne Doiron, Assistant Manager - Center for Maine Craft
Emily Shaffer, Programs Coordinator
Dorothy Royle, Programs Manager
Whitney Gill, Manager - Center for Maine Craft
Maria Wolff, Manager - Maine Craft Portland
Nire Cook, Business Manager