Jonathan White studied ceramics at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has worked as a professional ceramic artist since 1995, creating art pottery, tiles, and mixed-media sculpture. White produces work inspired by the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, an art movement born in reaction to the impersonal nature of the industrial revolution. Seeing beauty in both natural and industrial objects, such as a steel mill furnace being reclaimed by rust or the first fiddleheads of spring pushing up from the ground. 


“Form and function dictates their existence and it is happenstance that we find either beautiful or plain to behold. I look closely at these structures and imagine how I can translate elements to my sculptural vessels.” 


Working both on the wheel and hand building, Jon chooses his best route depending on the intended scale and form, seeking harmony between function and ornament to transform the vessel into a sculptural object. “As I create each piece, I am keeping in mind the rich, flowing- matte glazes that will enhance its form and surface. I use a variety of textured earthenware glazes, and fire each piece multiple times. The combination of glazes and multiple firings makes each vessel unique. I never tire of experimenting with form and surface.”


Maine Craft Portland is a proud supporter of Jon’s sculptures as well as imagery centered clay wall tiles. Known for his green hues and natural forms, try to spot Odd Inq’s mark in the gallery. 

Odd Inq’s work is available at the Maine Craft Portland.

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