Loveline baskets are hand dyed and hand made durable rope baskets made in Bowdoinham, Maine. Bowls, Baskets, Bins, Bags, Totes, Flower carriers – you name it, you know a loveline when you see it.

Well known around Maine, and loved by so many of our members and customers, Gallit creates durable, beautiful, well designed and functional art. Most can enjoy this work just based on the high quality, beautiful colors, and pop it will add to your spaces – but for others these baskets represent so much more. Loveline was created during a season of tragedy: to recenter, reflect, and honor. 


“Five and a half years ago our son Elon was born and died just eight short days later. Deep in despair I found myself at my sewing machine trying to find something positive, something beautiful. Loveline came about over the years as a way for me to process my grief. The process of  creating has helped me to center and to find a new way in life. I  believe that I can and have and will continue to turn the work of my  sorrow into something beautiful.”


Loveline is a reminder of the power of creative energy to connect, heal, and build joy from sorrow. You can find Gallit in her home studio sewing or dying rope while her husband works on the wood lids or, if you are lucky, you will see her at a craft show selling her artwork with her children by her side. 

“Loveline baskets are a combination of many different forms of art that I have explored over the course of my life. Cooking professionally was my  main outlet for creativity for so many years but I also included  pottery, fiber arts, painting, and sewing. My baskets are a combination of all of these. I have made a lot of baskets over the years, and during that time I have  grown and changed in ways I did not know would be possible. Creating  loveline baskets has allowed me to choose joy in my life. Thank you so much for your support in making this possible for me.”


You can find loveline baskets, in all their colorful glory, at both Maine Craft Portland and the Center for Maine Craft in Gardiner.

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