Peter Asselyn Wood Turned Bowls @ Maine Craft Portland

On view through August 15, 2020

This summer Maine Craft Portland will be home to a very special collection of Peter Asselyn’s wood turned bowls from the beautiful trees planted over a century ago on the Sabbathday Lake Shaker property.

The wind storm of October 2017 blew over several of these beautiful Maple trees that stood proud on the Sabbathday Lake Shaker property for many years. Planted in 1897 by br. Delmer, these trees must have produced many a gallon of syrup.
Many of the bowls show tap holes and staining.

Peter Asselyn has been making bowls for the Shakers for 20 years. When these trees came down he and the Shaker village decided to make bowls from the wood and sell them at the Shaker store. Unfortunately, they will not be open this summer and they have allowed Peter to offer these for sale.

The logs were delivered to Peter 3 years ago. As you can see it took a lot of work to make bowls from these huge logs. Peter Asselyn feels a great honor in working with this wood, while keeping the Shaker spirit alive through these fine objects.