Workshop Description:

Participants of this skill demonstration workshop would learn the basics for one-part and two-part plaster mold for slip casting ceramics. These mold-making techniques are applicable to other poured materials. Students can follow along with the suggested materials or use this information session to take notes, ask questions while watching the demonstrations.

Workshop Itinerary + Topics:

– Plaster education and mixing
– Demonstration of a one-piece mold
– 30 min lunch break
– Demonstration of a two-piece, more complex mold
– Demonstration of a fun “cheat mold” technique
– Overview of material suppliers and proper storage
– Question and answering session
Participant Supplied Materials:

– Gallon size bucket of clean water (please fill before class)
– Garbage bag for disposing of plaster
– Thick garbage bag or plastic to cover working surface (please do before class)
– Rags (for drying hands and cleaning)
– Metal spoon or a quarter for making registrations on mold
– Permanent marker
– Duct tape

Optional Materials to have:

– Form-fitting gloves (if you don’t like plaster on your hands)
– 5-gallon bucket (filled with water for rinsing hands and buckets)
– Water-based clay (if you plan to follow two part mold demo)
– Rolling pin (if you plan to follow two part mold demo)
– Clay tools for smoothing clay (if you plan to follow two part mold demo)

Optional Materials Kit:

The materials kit will be shipped two weeks prior to the workshop date. There is an additional cost of $75.00 for the kit.

Participants can choose to purchase a materials kit to be mailed by the instructor two weeks prior to the workshop date. The kit will include:
– Large container of pottery plaster
– Large container for rinsing hands (please fill before class)
– Large container for mixing
– 2 small containers for mixing
– Plastic object for one piece mold
– Plastic object for two piece mold
– 2 sheets of aluminum
– chip brush
– mold soap
– clay
– slip (liquid clay)


Saturday, June 18, 2022


On Zoom!


MCA Members: $100.00
Non Members: $125.00


Beginner/ All

Instructor Bio:

Through experimentation based on her glass kiln forming and slip casting background, Keanne Petrie has discovered ways of stilting, slumping, and using gravity in the kiln to shape her unique ceramics. She works in NYC prototyping and creating unique displays for the fashion industry and also runs her own ceramics business in Portland, Maine. Much of her work is based on or involves one of her first loves, mold making.

Registration Details:

Participants wishing to attend this online workshop must register using the link below. A zoom link will be provided to participants closer to the workshop date. If choosing to purchase a materials kit, the kit will be mailed by the instructor by June 4, 2022.

Cancellation Policy:

Refunds are available up to 24 hours prior to the event date, less a $25 cancellation fee. No refunds will be made for those purchasing materials kits. If you purchase a materials kit and can no longer attend a recording of the workshop will be emailed after the completion of the workshop.

Questions? Please contact