Jody Johnstone

I make a large range of woodfired pottery ranging from mugs, bowls and plates, to casseroles and bakeware to pitchers, teapots and vases. My pottery is once fired in a large anagama kiln which I designed and built in Swanville in 1997 after a two year apprenticeship in Bizen, Japan with National Living Treasure Jun Isezaki. The kiln is stoked with wood 24 hours a day by a crew of potters for eight days. The unique surfaces of the pots are a result of the interaction of the clay, the path of the flame as it makes its way through the stacks of the kiln, and the accumulated and melted wood ash. Firing with wood is a low tech and efficient process that results in a very durable and beautiful stoneware product.

Visitors are welcome to my showroom at 135 Webster Rd. Swanville, ME and to visit my website for more pictures, pots for sale and information. Please call (207)338-5314 or email to confirm open hours.