Martha Sullivan Handcrafted Silver & Gold Jewelry

Martha’s passion developed by working with metal. Drawing upon this fascination, she has devoted herself exclusively to the pursuit of innovative metalsmithing and jewelry design. Martha synthesizes diverse elements to create designs that cast an enduring impression. Using several techniques in her work including fabrication, casting, roller printing, and engraving. Her designs are stamped with signature Sullivan patterns, with the finished piece oxidized to enhance both texture and form.

Martha is intrigued by the idea of decorating one’s self and how that translates into a common thread across societies. Individuals and societies have always used ornamentation as a form of personal or collective expression. She creates jewelry to help people share their story and to enhance individual statement.

Working out of her studio on the coast of Maine, Martha handcrafts wearable treasures made of sterling silver & gold accented with precious stones and pearls. Blending traditional and exotic influences, her inspirations extend from ancient civilizations to modern architecture.  While traveling  around the country to shows the past several years Martha has heard many Maine love stories. Seeing this as an opportunity to inspire in her work. The textures of the Maine coast have been translated into a unique collection.

Ever an artist, Martha is committed to exploration and conception, reflected in the ongoing evolution of her craft. Inspired by the response to her work, Martha is presently pursuing national representation and exhibition. As visually dramatic pieces of wearable art, Martha’s creations are sure to create a sensation in any gallery, boutique or private viewing.