Makers of USA podcast featuring Sarah Sockbeson

About Sarah Sockbeson

Sarah Sockbeson is a Penobscot basket maker, arts administrator, and community organizer. When MCA invited her to participate in the Maine Craft Content Project she was already in the development stages to create her own podcast highlighting Native American artists. She selected the Craft Content podcast option to both learn more about making podcasts and promote her upcoming podcast!

Sarah’s podcast aims to develop content that celebrates Native American people, their stories, perspectives, and businesses, and assists in community building and cultural art perpetuation, and activism. Her podcast reveal is coming soon so stay tuned!

Since apprenticing with renowned basketmaker Jennifer Sapiel Neptune in 2004, Sarah has continued to hone her skills and make a name for herself in the art world in Maine and on a national level. Sarah’s work fascinates admirers by combining multiple weaves, such as porcupine and curly, onto one basket—these weaves might alternate or create a new and original pattern. She is most often known for use of vibrant modern colors juxtaposed with traditional and/ or natural elements, evoking a unique voice and recognizable style, always with stunning aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship. She takes pride in being among a small number of artisans carrying traditional cultural knowledge and aspires to create works that showcase her true perspective as a contemporary Native American artist.

Sarah’s baskets exemplify the skills of traditional knowledge partnered with a desire to push the boundaries of contemporary art, she is an excellent example of contemporary Native craft and has a robust collector following. Additionally, her work has been purchased for the permanent collection of notable Museums throughout the state. She is an avid participant in the Native American market circuit and is regularly honored with ribbons, awards, and even Best of Show acknowledgments. Sarah’s work was recently featured in the Portland Museum of Art as a part of the exhibition Stories of Maine, An Incomplete History.

Sarah’s dedication to Native serving organizations is demonstrated through serving as a trustee for the Abbe Museum and working in the field, traveling the country to reach Native American Artists in their home tribal communities as a trainer and mentor in Native Artist Professional development with First People’s Fund. She is strongly connected and supportive of Native American artists throughout the country and appears to be on a mission to help Native people not only within her community but to facilitate education in ever-expanding communities.

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