For over 25 years I have made my home in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The natural beauty that surrounds me is an inspiration not only to my work but my being as well. I love color, form, and texture which all play an integral role in my work. Whether it is the full green leaves of the trees against a vivid blue summer sky or the setting winter sun, with its’ violets and blues against the bare black winter branches. Maybe the crashing waves and the smell of the ocean, a caterpillar’s amazing stripes, or the wonder of a new spring day. It all feeds into who I am and what inspires me to create. I strive to create pieces that are simple yet intriguing to look at and that will stand the test of time. People have been wearing jewelry since the beginning of time. Jewelry can offer us a distinction and help to create a sense of self. The handcrafted aspect of jewelry breathes life and character into any piece of work. Seeing the marks a jeweler leaves behind reminds us that someone took the time, they had intentions when the piece of jewelry was being created. This makes the piece real. Taking my queue from nature I strive to create work that is organic and beckons to be worn. Jewelry that is timeless while being current.