Deana Boyages

    Owner, Standing Rock Gallery

    Deana Boyages is the owner of a brick and mortar, artisan gallery that specializes unique,
    handcrafted gifts, glass, pottery, sculpture, wall art, fiber, and jewelry. While at Governors
    Academy and Bates College, Deana always integrated studio art into her academic curriculum
    through photography, pottery and painting classes. With her business experience at Merrill
    Lynch and her passion for art and design, she was able to use the knowledge of both disciplines
    when she became a small business owner.

    “Our gallery had its beginnings as a stained glass studio and it was critical to remain true to our
    roots while always keeping an eye to the future. It is a balance that our customers have been
    able to enjoy, as we create a new experience for them each time they visit our space. With
    handmade art in particular, the passion and love behind each piece an artist creates is clear.
    People come to our space not only shop, but also to connect, to appreciate the skill of the
    artists, and to revel in the experience of creativity around them.”

    Deana is committed to helping artisans and small businesses thrive on Main Street, as she
    believes they remain the heart of the communities they are in. She has been a business mentor
    for artisans at the NYNOW, New York City shows and through MCA hopes to help Maine
    artists thrive in the future.

    A native New Englander and Italian, Deana enjoys her free time cooking for family and friends,
    appreciating the coastal landscape and hiking in the woods of Maine with her rescue dog

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